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Zombie City Oulu!

Welcome to our development "blog"! This is were you find the latest news of Zombie City Oulu. There will be a playable demo on this site shortly. Just have to set controls for keyboard and hope that WebGL build won't fight back, atleast too much! Here!

Game World

Current world! Now we know that there is an existing model of Oulu, we actually bought it(only 20usd!). But we can't use it since we are targeting this game to mobile devices and the model...lets just say it is not optimized for mobile. So, with zero experience in 3d-modeling and many many hours later the game world was "ready". TODO: textures...and shitload of other stuff..

Whole model has only 15.9k verts, 9.3k faces and 21.5k tris, 334 buildings. Should be light enough for mobile devices. We will most likely put the model into Unity asset store when it is ready.

Mad professors lab

Meet the professor and his lab! This will be your safehouse where you can gear up and get new quests.

And yes, this is not the final UI

This is where we are at now.

- Wandering zombies, ready to get you! -
- HiWatch minimap! -
- Car, Tank! -
- 5 different weapons! -